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Online Forex is the fastest growing forex investment option

since the first internet forex trade was done back in 1994, the forex market has grown along with the total growth of the internet. For more than a decade this growth has rapidly advanced the forex market into becoming the biggest market in the world, bigger the stock exchange and the futures market put together, and this escalating growth has been maintained for more than a decade, in a progressive and accumulative scale.

further development

online forex users- growing in scale

After a short while of trading in the forex market, the dominant force for using the forex became the online forex trade done on the internet. Today almost all of the forex users interact in forex trades through the internet- either by cable, modem or dial up.

A recent study (Higgins et al, 2006) done in Penn. State University has shown that when asked, more than 85 % of stock traders prefer the forex market over other markets available as the stock exchange or the future’s market.

Experts of the field say that in future years the forex market is expected to grow even more, through the leakage of other investors into forex or through new forex users that are also helping to grow this trade market. How to trade in Forex A site dedicated to bringing you the biggest online inventory of how to guides on the planet. specialises and helps traders to Earn money with Forex from each and every trade with minimum risk involved.

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